• x2 Bundle Pack: Rach & Tori Lashes

x2 Bundle Pack: Rach & Tori Lashes

This bundle pack includes x1 Rach Lashes & x1 Tori Lashes

The Rach lashes are dramatic and super luxe.

The important details: 

  • Double layer human hair
  • Super soft and fluffy fibers
  • Hairs are woven onto a black cotton band 
  • Lash length is long
  • Lash density is very full
  • These are cruelty-free, vegan lashes
  • The mix of hair lengths give a wispy and voluminous effect 
  • Can be re-worn 4 to 8 times with the correct care.

The Rach Lashes are perfect for:

  • Creating a super dramatic look
  • For larger eyes/lid area


    The Tori Lashes are long and fluffy.

    The important details: 

    • Super fluffy lashes made from human hair
    • These lashes are a more vamped up version of the Larah Lashes 
    • Each cluster of hairs is knotted onto a clear band, giving the lashes a semi-natural appearance along your own lash line
    • Can be worn without eyeliner because of invisible band
    • Lash density is medium to full
    • Lash length is long
    • These are cruelty-free, vegan lashes
    • Lash length & volume is focused at the outer edges, and start tapering in towards the inner corners
    • Can be re-worn 4 to 8 times with the correct care.

    The Tori Lashes are perfect for:

    • Those with larger eyes
    • Creating a fuller makeup look

    Glue not included, make sure you check out our range of eyelash glue in the online shop. All our lashes are 100% handmade, this means from time to time they can slightly differ from pair to pair.


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