• Accessories Pack

Accessories Pack

Want to make applying false lashes easy? Then this accessories pack is just what you need.

It includes:

- Eyelash Curlers: perfect to help blend your natural and false lashes together to give a seamless appearance.

- False Lash Applicator: do you find your fingers get in the way when applying lashes? This applicator does that hard work for you, making placing your false lashes in the correct stop easy.

-  Black Cotton Tips (120 pack): a must have item if you get any eyelash glue where it isn't meant to be while applying your lashes.

- Ardell Lash Grip - Clear Adhesive: Hold your strip-style eyelashes securely in place with this quick-drying adhesive. The formula is latex based; adhesive is meant to be temporary and can be removed quite easily.

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