Ensuring you are never left lashless..

EVE Lashes is your one stop shop for all your false eyelash needs! Our subscription service provides you with an easy and stress free way to ensure that you will always have your favourite lashes on hand at all times! All the lashes and accessories are also available for individual purchase too, so if you're not ready for a subscription - don't worry, you won't miss out! We are New Zealand owned and operated we are dedicated to providing Kiwi makeup enthusiasts with quality false eyelashes that are cruelty free and reusable.


A bit about our mission here at EVE Lashes…

Our mission is to provide you with high quality, and affordable false lashes that are easy to apply and durable to ensure multiple use. We want to put a smile on your face with every time you receive our lashes, making your whole EVE Lashes experience fun and enjoyable We want to make your eyes pop and leave you looking and feeling your very best, every time you wear EVE Lashes. We strive to become the best and leading eyelash brand, while providing a fun and positive community for makeup and beauty enthusiasts. We work hard to provide you with premium quality eyelashes while continuing to give you the highest level of customer service.

The Face Behind the Lashes

Genevieve Silcock

Founder & Director

How it all started

After becoming a qualified makeup artist, EVE Lashes owner, Genevieve really struggled to find a false eyelash brand to use on her clients that she truly believed in and loved, so the journey to EVE Lashes began...

In the beginning...

Genevieve's addiction to false eyelashes all started in 2013 when she shaved her head for Shave For A Cure. In a bid to feel a little more "girly" while bald, Genevieve started wearing false eyelashes everyday. So the regular task of buying false eyelashes started, and the novelty of regularly going out to buy lashes started to wear off. Not to mention running out of false lashes always happened at the most inopportune times!

Fast forward to early 2014, Genevieve became a qualified makeup artist after studying at The Makeup School in Ponsonby, Auckland. Her personal love for false eyelashes had developed into a business necessity and the quantity she required on a regular basis grew. Being loyal to a brand you love is something Genevieve is very passionate about, but couldn't find a false eyelash brand that she'd swear by.

Where we are today

After Genevieve relocated from Auckland to Queenstown, EVE Lashes was born. The fresh southern air inspired Genevieve to make buying false eyelashes easy and fun for everyone who loves having full and lush looking lashes.

The decision to make EVE Lashes a subscription based business was easy. Genevieve's number one goal was to make the process of buying false eyelashes as simple as possible, along with making it a bit fun for everyone involved. We live in an age where we a ruled by our inboxes and social media, and the only thing we seem to get in the mail still is bills. That's why each month EVE Lashes wants to brighten up your day by sending you a package full of your favourite false eyelashes to keep you lashed up all month long!

Are you ready to subscribe to EVE Lashes yet?

EVE Lashes is the answer to all your false eyelash needs, providing you with an easy and stress free way to ensure you are never left lashless again! You pick your favourite styles, quantities, how often you want them delivered and we organise the rest.