How To | Pick the Right Eyelash Glue

There are 3 different types of false eyelash glue for you to choose from and without understand each of their key differences we know hard to figure out which one will best suit your needs.


DUO - Latex Free:

This glue is perfect if you have sensitive eyes or are allergic to latex. Its packaging has a great little brush with it, making it super easy to apply to your false eyelash band. Also, it gets tacky faster than the other lash glues, making it great if you're in a hurry. The only downside to this product is if you live in a super cold climate you will need to make sure it isn’t stored in any freezing conditions, as it affects its stickability. This glue applies white and drys clear.


Black Glue - DUO & Ardell:

These two types of glue are perfect for when you are creating a dramatic or dark eye makeup look. The glue comes out of the tube a light grey colour and dries jet black. Using this glue generally means you don’t have to touch up your eyeliner etc to cover your eyelash glue line. Also, if you accidentally touch your eyelid with the lashes during application and it transfers some glue it won’t be as easy to see and also easier to clean up if you have been working with dark eyeshadow colours. 


White/Clear Glue - DUO & Ardell:

These two types of glues are great when you are wearing little to no eyeshadow, eyeliner or are working with lighter shades. We generally recommend the white glue to those who are still learning how to apply lashes as it is easier to clean up if you have any accidents of the lashes touching your eyelid as you apply them. While this glue applies white, it goes clear once dry.


Duo VS Ardell:

We find for most people the DUO glue is longer wearing, so is the better option if you know you’re going to be wearing your false lashes for 10+ hours. Because of this, the DUO glue does come at a slightly higher price. The Ardell glue is great if you know you're only going to be wearing. Our only disclaimer would be that sometimes the best glue for you comes down to how your skin responds to the product, for some the above is true while for others it can be the reverse.

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